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Club Nights

At the After Dark we have a night to suit everyone's taste, ranging from 60's music through to modern Indie and Dance.

Generally the club is open from 10pm to 2:30am, admission prices vary depending on your arrival time and the club night.

The club is available for private hire at very reasonable rates, for more details please contact the club.

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Every Saturday Night

Launched in November 1992 ,Success was the country's first regular 80s club and has consistantly been our most popular night since then. From Madonna to Madness, from Dexy's to Duran Duran, Success features the very best music of the 1980s. Success takes place every Saturday of the month. shim success

Friday Nights

Top of the Pops - Alternate Fridays


fools gold shim The After Dark Club is home to Fools Gold, a night focussing on Old School Indie, including tunes from The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Ned's, PWEI etc. Fools Gold has its own dedicated website and can be experienced on special occasions throughout the year. Check out for more details.